Introduction to Upstream Process Control: Separators and Compressors
16th and 17th September 2014, Aberdeen

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This introductory two-day course is aimed at new Process and C&I Engineers working on Upstream Process Control applications. The first day provides a refresher into generic Process Control issues such as process dynamics, controller tuning and identifying problematic loops. The second day then introduces the control loops specific to typical offshore separators and also common compressor control schemes for anti-surge and load control.

All presented topics are supported by practical examples throughout and will provide trainees with the insight to tackle real-life problems. The course includes valuable simulation based exercises to reinforce the lecture based learning.

Additional Information
Event Venue

The course will be held in Amicus Apple, 67 Langstane Place, Aberdeen, AB11 6EN

Day 1
08:45Welcome to The Course
09:00 Fundamentals of Process Control
10:00 Process Dynamics
11:00Process Dynamics (continued)
11:45Simulation Exercise: Obtaining Process Dynamics
13:45Applying Control to the Process
14:45Simulation Exercise: PID Tuning
15:45What Makes Control Difficult
08:45Overview of Enhanced Process Control
09:45 Introduction to Separator Control
11:00Introduction to Separator Control (continued)
11:30Simulation Exercise: Separator Control
13:15Introduction to Compressor Control
15:00Simulation Exercises (x2): Compressor Control