Practical Multivariable Control and Tuning
11th February 2011

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Need for Robustness and Reliability in Applications: Part 1 Introduction to Robust and LQG Control

This course illustrates the basic concepts and problems associated with multivariable robust control systems design. This one day event is self-contained but describes the first part of a number of related topics which will be covered in subsequent events.

The course begins by looking at the origins of uncertainty and modelling errors and the resulting impact on control systems design. Both classical and advanced control techniques such as Linear-Quadratic state-feedback or Linear Quadratic Gaussian output feedback control topics are considered. The importance of sensitivity functions will be covered and it will be explained why H∞ performance measures are valuable. In addition, state estimation and Kalman filters for both control and fault detection are covered in the course. Computer design packages are discussed and examples will be presented and during hands-on sessions will be used to reinforce understanding of the topics covered.

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Event Venue

The course will be held in Glasgow - Venue information to follow


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Introduction to Robust and LQG Control
09.15 Review of Frequency Response and State Space Modelling Methods
10.30 Review of State Feedback LQ Optimal Control
11.15 Multivariable Control Systems, Stability and Robustness (Need for Robust and Reliable Control Methods)
12.15 LUNCH
13.15 Uncertainty in Systems and Robust Control Design Fundamentals (uncertainty Models and Sensitivity/robustness)
14.00 Hands-on Session: State Feedback LQ Optimal Control and Robustness
15.15 Introduction to Kalman Filtering for Control/Condition Monitoring
16.00 LQ and LQG Multivariable Optimal Control : Design Issues (Inherent Robustness Properties of State Feedback LQ Optimal Control
17.00 CLOSE