Robust, Reliable & Multivariable Control

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This three-day course introduces the basic concepts of robust and reliable control system and problems associated with multivariable systems.

Advanced Control technique such as Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control, H-infinity and Predictive Control are illustrated in the lectures. In addition, state estimation using Kalman filter and Fault detection, tolerant and reconfiguration are also included in this course. Available computer design packages are discussed and examples during hands-on sessions are used to reinforce the understanding of the course.

Day 1: Introduction to Robust Control
09.30 Need for Robust and Reliable Control and Assessing Stability"
10.15 Uncertainty in Systems and Robust Control Design Fundamentals
11.30 Inherent Robustness Properties of State Feedback LQ Optimal Control
12.15 LUNCH
13.00 Hands-on Session: State Feedback LQ Optimal Control and Robustness
14.00 Introduction to Kalman Filtering for Control and Condition Monitoring
14.45 Hands-on Session: State Estimation for System with Unmeasured States using Kalman Filter
15.45 LQG Control Design Approach for Disturbance Rejection
16.30 Hands-On Session: Use of Dynamic Cost Function Weightings to Improve LQG Designs
17.00 CLOSE
Day 2: LQG and H-infinity Control Design
09.00 Introduction to Loop Transfer Recovery Design Methods
09.45 Hands-on Session: LQR/LQG and LTR Designs
11.00 Introduction to H-infinity Robust Control Methods and Advantages
12.00 Hands-On Session: H-infinity Robust Control
13.15 LUNCH
14.00 Robust Control Design Procedures and Design Issues
15.00 H-infinity Reliable Control Systems Design Methods
16.00 Quantitative Feedback Theory: A Powerful Robust Design Method
17.00 CLOSE
Day 3: Predictive and Nonlinear Control Design and Fault Monitoring with Application
09.00 Introduction to Predictive Control Design Methods
10.00 Hands-on Session: Introducing Predictive Control Design and Results
11.15 Introduction to Fault Detection Methods
12.00 Hands-On Session: Model Based Fault Monitoring Methods
13.00 LUNCH
13.45 Fault Tolerant, Safe and Reconfigurable Control
14.30 Simple Nonlinear Controllers and Compensation Methods
16.00 Hands-on Session: Introducing Nonlinear Control
16.30 CLOSE