Resources on Aerospace Applications

ACTC Case Study Reports
  • Rolls Royce: Control of a Gas Turbine Engine (CS01/1992) Comparison between classical, LQG and H-inf control for a Pegasus Gas Turbine Engine
  • British Aerospace: Pitch Control of a Generic Canard Delta Aircraft (CS03/1992) Study of application of LQG control which gave better stability, easier controller design.
  • British Aerospace: Classical versus Modern Control Design Methods for Safety Critical Control Engineering Practice (CS08/1995) comparison of Classical and Robust (LQG, H-inf) control for safety critical systems, including a flight control system of a short take off and vertical landing aircraft.
  • Application of NDI flight control to a second generation supersonic transport aircraft", by A.J.Steer, IEE Computing & Control Journal, June 2001. Looks at the use of Non-linear Dynamic Inversion Control Techniques for controlling aircraft pitch.
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