Resources on Automotive Control Applications

ISC Papers
  • Real-Time Predictive Control for SI Engines Using Linear Parameter-Varying Models, P. Majecki, G. van der Molen, I. Haskara, Y. Hu, C.F. Chan and M. J. Grimble, 5th IFAC Conference, 2015, Seville, Spain, pp.94-101
  • Estimation of Selective Catalyst Reduction System Parameters using Modified Gauss-Newton Method, X. Guan, M. J. Grimble, A. Clegg, F He and M. Sun American Control Conference, 2014, Portland, USA
  • Model-Based Engine Fault Detection and Isolation, American Control Conference, 2009, St Louis, USA, pp.4593-4600
  • A. Dutka, H. Javaherian and M. J. Grimble
  • Supervisory Multiple-Model Approach to Multivariable Lambda and Torque Control of SI Engines,Simulation and Modeling, 2009, France
  • P. Majecki, H. Javaherian and M. J. Grimble
  • Model-Based Nonlinear Multivariable Engine Control, A. Dutka, H. Javaherian and M. J. Grimble, American Control Conference, 2007, New York, NY, USA, pp. 3671-3677
  • State-Dependent Kalman Filters for Robust Engine Control, A. Dutka, H. Javaherian and M. J. Grimble, American Control Conference, 2006, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, pp.1185-1190
    General Articles
    • Survey of Advanced Suspension Developments and Related Optimal Control Applications, D.Hrovat, Automatica, Vol.33, No.10, pp.1781-1817, 1997. A comprehensive survey paper covering work on the active suspension problem, covering simple quarter-car, half-car and full-car models. The application of optimal control to these are systems are covered, as are related subjects such as, semi-active suspension and the use of robust, adaptive and non-linear controllers.
    • Using Simulink and Stateflow in Automotive Applications, Mathworks Technical Note Describes Simulink models for an engine, anti-lock brake system, clutch system, suspension system and hydraulic system. Enhancements to these models using Stateflow are also presented, giving Fault-tolerant Fuel Control System, Automatic Transmission Control, Electrohydraulic Servo Control and Modeling Stick-Slip Friction.
    • On-line PID Tuning for Engine idle-speed control using continuous action reinforcement learning automata, M.Howel and M.Best, Journal of Control Engineering Practice, Vol 8, 2000. On-line tuningof PID gains to minimise a performance objective first applied to simulation model and then a practical study using a Ford Zetec engine test cell.
    • An Electronic Controller for Adaptive Suspension, M.Kellet, IEE Review, Nov 1998. Description of development of the active suspension for a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph.