Resources on Metals Processing Applications

Covers metals (steel, aluminium, etc.) processing applications, including furnaces, casting and rolling processes.

ACTC Activities
ACTC Case Study Reports
  • British Steel: Control of Reheat Furnace (CS04/1993). Investigation into the causes of temperature fluctuations in a large beam reheat furnace
  • British Steel: Gauge Control for Cold Rolling (CS05/1993). Application of LQG control
  • British Steel: Multivariable Decoupling Control of Collector Main Pressure on Coke Ovens (CS09/1995). Multivariable pressure control using decoupled PI and H-inf
  • Steel Strip Resources, A guide to Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Strip resources on the web (
  • Association of Iron and Steel Engineers (
  • The Aluminium Industry Forum ( This site is provided as a general forum and contact point for those involved in all aspects of the aluminium production and processing industries. Whether you call it aluminium, aluminum or aluminyum, makes no difference. If you are interested in smelting, casting, rolling, extrusion, scrap, aluminium powder or foil rolling and converting, this is the site where you can meet and exchange ideas with others having similar interests.
  • The Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Meterials (
  • Surplus Titanium
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