Resources on Energy and Power Systems

Covering control issues for all areas of power generation and distribution systems, including fossil fuel fired, nuclear power generation, CHP and combined cycle systems.

  • Advanced Control in Co-generation Utility Management, S.Goodhart, J.Nishizawa, K.Yano and H.Yada, IEE Computing & Control Journal, Dec 2000. A description of the application of DMCplus to optimise operating costs of a steam and electrical co-generation plant at a large Mitsubishi Chemical plant in Japan.
  • Intelligent Systems Applications for Power System Control and Management, J.McDonald, S.McArthur and G.Burt, IEE Computing & Control Journal, April 2001. Described intelligent systems for alarm processing (APEX), fault diagnosis (RESPONDD), system restoration (RASP) as well as higher level power systems, including protection analysis.
  • Applications of Modern Methods in Power Plant Simulation and Control, M.Donne, A.Pike and R.Savry, IEE Computing & Control Journal, April 2001. Presents use of simulation methods for a CHP plant dynamic modelling, including use of the model for scenario investigation and controller tuning.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Advanced Gas Turbines, N.Corbett, IEE Computing & Control Journal, April 2001. Describes the use of rule based diagnostics for the remote condition monitoring of RB211 Gas Turbines.
  • Exploitation of Advanced Control Techniques in Power Generation, G.Oluwande, IEE Computing & Control Journal, April 2001. Covers the use of advanced control for combustion optimisation, alarm handling and steam temperature and pressure control using Model Based Predictive Control (MBPC).
  • IT Solutions for Power Plant Management in Competitive Markets, G.Laustere, IEE Computing & Control Journal, April 2001. Looks at the new generation of plant management systems and what benefits they can bring about.
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  • An On-Line Community of Manufacturers, Engineers and Operators of Commercial and Industrial Steam Boilers. Includes on-line discussion forums, databases for equipment, sales and careers.
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