Resources on Matlab and Simulink

Covers the Mathworks range of Modelling, Simulation and Control System Design packages Matlab, Simulink and ancillary toolboxers.

Mathworks Resources
Non-Mathworks Resources
  • SimuLinux RT. A (free) downloable package that enables Simulink and Real-Time Workshop to integrate with Real-Time Linux.
  • Scientific, mathematical and control programming resources and links for MATLAB/MIDEVA, Excel, Java, Fortran and C++
  • MATCOM compiler for Matlab ( Free MATCOM licenses for academic Linux/Unix users. Visual MATCOM integrates Matlab code with Visual C++.
  • Links to other Matlab related tools, inlcuding optimisation toolboxes etc.
  • Controls Tutorial for Matlab from Carnegie Mellon and University of Michigan ( Gives excellent introduction to Matlab, Modelling, PID, Root Locus, Frequency Response, State Space and Digital Control.
  • Free models mostly chemical/petrochemical/marine/automotive.