Organisations Promoting Control Engineering

Covers non-commercial organisations that promote the application of control engineering.

UK Government Supported Organisations
  • Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme Run by ETSU and published very comprehensive and useful case studies and good practice guides, including a guide to reducing energy costs in industry through advanced computing and control. These reports are now available through the Carbon Trust web-site, under Publications and listed in the full list of publications. Some seem to be available for download.
Technology Transfer Groups
  • Process Control and Optimisation Consortium based at the Texas Tech Univeristy, USA, a partnership between industry and the Department of Chemical Engineering to assure relevant process modeling, control and optimization research focused on industrial problems.
  • Process Control Consortium at the University of Connecticut The group seeks to enhance the profitability and competitiveness of our members through research, training and technology transfer in the methods and practices of automatic process control.
  • Inpact Industrial Network A group at Newcastle University that specialises in Statistical Process Control of Industrial Processes.
  • Neural Computing Applications Forum The aim of the forum is to promote the exploitation of neural computing technology for industrialists, academics and business people.
Internet Based Groups
General Engineering Resources
  • A very useful resource devoted to promoting education in the controls and automation industry. On it are links to thousands of good, free, online web resources that have all be personally visited and assessed to be of good quality and useful.
  • Unit Calculation and Conversion Centre for measurements, currencies and world time, etc.
  • Pi Theorem This Freeware windows software makes it possible to check the validity of physical laws. It computes the dimensional analysis using an experimental design method.