Resources on Self-tuning and Adaptive Control

Self-tuning control usually consists of an online system identification algorithm coupled to an online controller design rule. Adaptive controllers are a further generalisation, where the controller parameters are automatically adjusted online by some mechanism.

ACTC Case Study Reports
  • British Gas: Self Tuning Control of a Furnace Temperature (CS02/1992) This study used the ACTC's own Self-Tuning Control Toolbox to interface and control plant through a TCS controller.
Links to Other Resources
  • Andy Clegg's PhD Thesis (PDF) You can download the full text of this thesis on Self-tuning Control of Hydraulic Robot Manipulators (if you really want to!).
  • BrainWave Advanced adaptive control that has found widespread use in the process industries. Allows models (Laguerre function based) to be constructed on-line as the process operates, giving a self-learning capability. Many application papers are available in their on-line Library.