Resources on Condition Monitoring and Fault Tolerant Control

Condition Monitoring (also referred to as Fault Detection) covers a wide range of techniques for detecting and also isolating faults and failures in plant. Some methods rely on plant models (either linear or nonlinear (e.g. neural network model)) whereas others use heuristic methods. Fault Tolerant Control is the group of control techniques that allow some form of control to be maintained in the presence of plant faults, this includes reconfigurable control.

ACTC Case Study Reports
  • The ACTC has been completing (through Prof. Ron Patton, Hull University) a Case Study for Alstom, on the application of Model Based Fault Detection techniques applied to Industrial Gas Turbines. A draft copy of the final report is available now, and the final report will be issued shortly.
ACTC Meetings
  • ACTC Workshop on Fault Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control, University of York, 22nd April 1997. Containing:
    • Where are we in Fault Tolerant Control? Professor Ron Patton, University of Hull
    • Industrial Application of Fault Detection Schemes for Ri-linear Systems, Dr. Steve Daley, Mechanical Engineering Centre, GEC Alsthom,, Mr Steven Bennett, Professor Ron Patton, University of Hull
    • Using Neural Networks to Detect and Diagnose Faults in Dynamic Process Plant, Professor David Williams, Barry Gomm and Manori Weerasinghe, John Moores University, Liverpool
    • Fault Monitoring and Control for Ship Propulsion, Professor Mogens Blanke, Aalborg University, Denmark
    • Fault Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control, Professor Mike Grimble, Advanced Control Technology Club
    • Automated Electrical Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Dr David Ward, The Motor Industry Research Association
  • Marine Special Interest Group Meeting No.2., November 1996.
  • Special Edition on Quality, Reliability and Maintenance of Measurement and Control Magazine, May 2001. This magazine has some short and interesting articles on Diagnostic Maintenance of Naval Turbochargers, New Product Monitoring in Gas Turbines, Infrared Thermography in Industrial Diagnostics and Acoustic Emission Condition Monitoring Tool.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Advanced Gas Turbines, N.Corbett, IEE Computing & Control Journal, April 2001. Describes the use of rule based diagnostics for the remote condition monitoring of RB211 Gas Turbines.
  • Introduction to Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis with Applications in Fault Tolerant Control for Marine Systems, M. J. Grimble, Industrial Control Centre Report ICC/136, University of Strathclyde, April 1997.
  • Fault Tolerant Control Systems - A Holistic View, M.Blanke, R.Izadi-Zamanabadi, S. A. Bogh, C. P. Lunau, Dept. of Control Engineering Report (R-1997-4175), Aalborg University, March 1997.
  • Where are we in Fault-Tolerant Control? R. Patton, 1997.
  • Fault Detection in Closed-Loop by Standard Hinf Methods, S. Kilsgaard, M. L. Rank, H. H. Niemann, J. Stoustrup, May 1996.
  • Filter Design for Failure Detection and Isolation in the Presence of Modeling Errors and Disturbances, H. H. Niemann, J. Stoustrup, May 1996.
  • Robust Model Based Fault Diagnosis: The State of the Art, R. Patton, IFAC SAFEPROCESS '94, Helsinki, Finland, June 1994.