Resources on Robust Control

Includes LQG and H-inf control.

ACTC Case Study Reports
  • Rolls Royce: Control of a Gas Turbine Engine (CS01/1992) Comparison between classical, LQG and H-inf control for a Pegasus Gas Turbine Engine.
  • British Aerospace: Pitch Control of a Generic Canard Delta Aircraft (CS03/1992) Study of application of LQG control which gave better stability, easier controller design.
  • British Steel: Gauge Control for Cold Rolling (CS05/1993) Application of LQG control.
  • Marine SIG: Design of Robust Ship Positioning Systems and Advantages of Feedforward/Feedback Control (CS07/1995) Looks at use of H-inf coupled with feedforward control to compensate for wind/wave disturbances.
  • British Aerospace: Classical versus Modern Control Design Methods for Safety Critical Control Engineering Practice (CS08/1995) Comparison of Classical and Robust (LQG, H-inf) control for safety critical systems, including a pumped water supply system and flight control system.
  • British Steel: Multivariable Decoupling Control of Collector Main Pressure on Coke Ovens (CS09/1995) Multivariable pressure control using decoupled PI and H-inf.
Robust Control Articles
  • Stability and Performance Analysis in an Uncertain World, Nusret Tan and Derek Atherton, IEE Computing & Control Journal, April 2000 A nice introduction to new methods of analysing systems with uncertainty. They also describe a Matlab toolbox which was developed for this work.
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