Scheduled Training Courses

We run scheduled training that are usually held in Glasgow (though occasionally elsewhere).

If you are interested in a course that is not currently listed, please let us know using the form on this page

Industrial Academies

Over the past few years we have run large multi-day academies specifically for engineers working in Rolling Mills and Process Control.

The academies are usually run annually, and blend training with hands-on sessions with state-of-the-art lectures from leading experts.

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On-site Courses

We have delivered highly regarded training on control engineering to clients throughout the UK, Europe and USA. We train at all levels from introductory material for technicians to advanced control topics for research groups.

You can choose from our standard courses, or have agendas tailored to cover precisely the topics you want. Alternative, examples can be used that have relevance to your industry/business

More courses ...

For bespoke course development, please see ISC.

Industry-Specific Training

We can adapt individual courses to suit our members' industry/business.

Online Courses

For our members, we also have available a collection of online introduction material that could be accessed before attending the relevant ACTC instructor-led courses.

The contents could also be used as a re-fresher after the course.