Educational Notes

Educational Notes provide a simple introduction to the various technologies that are becoming increasingly prominent and relevant to industry. These introductory texts are aimed at engineers with no prior knowledge of the subject described and provide a basic understanding of the techniques involved.

List of Educational Notes

The following is a list of Educational Notes produced by the ACTC. These are available to ACTC members free of charge. Please contact us for more details.

  • What is Control Engineering and Why is it Critically Important (EN13)
  • Diophantine Equations and their Application to Solving Control Problems (EN12)
  • The Riccati Equation & Optimal Control (EN11)
  • Tutorial Introduction to Quantitative Feedback Theory (EN10)
  • Mathematica and the Control System Professional (EN09)
  • An Introduction to Discrete Event Simulation (EN08)
  • Simple Introduction to Kalman Filtering (EN07)
  • Tutorial on Variable Structure Control for Industrial Users (EN06)
  • A Note on Smith Predictor for the Control Process Plants with Significant Transport Delays (EN05)
  • What is Self-Tuning Control ? (EN04)
  • Typical Robust Control Design Problems (EN03)
  • What is Robustness ? (EN02)
  • What is H∞ Optimal Control ? (EN01)