Companies Providing Control Engineering Services

Covers commercial organisations that provide control engineering services. Please note that listing on this site does not imply any form of recommendation - unless explicity stated.

Hardware Products

See also Control Systems Hardware and Sensors and Actuators for more information.

Software Products

See also Matlab and Simulink, Matrixx and SystemBuild, ProcessACT/UNAC and other CACSD Software for more information.

Consultancy Services
Training Services

See also PID Control for information on PID Control Trainers.

  • P&L Automatik AB, Sweden Provides the LearnWARE® Interactive learning environment, with modules for Industrial Automation, PLCs, Process Control Automation, Communication (Fieldbus/PROFIBUS), Electrical Theory.
  • Top Control, US/Canada Specilises in consultancy services for continuous and batch processes, they also provide training courses.